Tips for making your video go viral

By on Nov 25, 2014 in Marketing |

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Grandfather and granddaughter (12-23 months) being photographed in swimming poolIt’s not every day that you showcase the worst dancing skills in the world and end up becoming a star.

In case you didn’t guess yet the protagonists here are Psy and his forgettable yet enjoyable Gagnam style. That’s what viral videos do to you, it has the power to make someone a star over the night and make the same star bite the dust the very next day.

And one of the most puzzling things for the current human species would be: How can we make a viral video?

Well, viral videos can be as simple as the domino effect but being the one to initiate the fall isn’t a cake walk. It might look like an accident, but trust me it isn’t. There are certain things that need to be done to keep your chances of going viral intact so, if there is some book around the table, keep it aside because bookmarking the page would do swell.

Size does matter

Size might not matter elsewhere, but when it comes to viral videos, it really matters. No one is going to sit and watch a ten minute video and then share it with everyone unless it is the leaked footage of some big budget film.

Since our video is not that big, the best thing to do will be to keep it short and sweet, so someone doesn’t have to spend a lot of time to get awed by the video.

Spare the weekends, attack the bore days

If you have the idea that releasing a video on weekend would work out like a miracle, immediately scratch that because it doesn’t. It’s not in the weekend that people watch videos and read news, it’s during their work, yes, and you heard me right, DURING THEIR WORK.

A majority of the people wants to spend their weekend relaxing while the pain of going over news feed comes around during the week days. So, Monday and Tuesday, which are the epitome of boredom, would be ideal days to get your video online.

Promote, promote and promote

If you just upload your video and just sit idle in your couch eating some chips, the video is not going to be viral. There is a hell lot of promotion that needs to be done for that and it’s you who have to get the job done.

Share it everywhere without making it look like a spam and the more you share, the more attention you get and that’s best for business. 

Tell a story

Even if you don’t keep up with the last three points, this one needs to be met at any cost. If you make a one-minute video without no story, you are not going to get any shares.

The whole idea of sharing is to tell stories to each other and if you don’t have a story to tell, the viewers wouldn’t be interested in coming back and giving the video another look.

You might not be able to tell a story like Christopher Nolan or Martin Scorsese, but deliver the goods when it is needed the most no matter how bad it is.

Author Bio: The author is a Social Media Marketer and a freelancer in Essayjedi