Doing Your Own Online Public Relations

By on Jun 27, 2017 in Marketing |

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Do you want your business to be popular online? Well, you’re going to need to know a bit more about how to deal with internet Public Relations and how get your business in-the-know. This is definitely a lesson for those who are just starting out with their new business; if you don’t do it, then no one will ever know you came into existence!

If anyone tells you this is an easy and short task, they’re lying – but rest assured that all of your hard work will pay off. You will find that running business online is very similar to face-to-face biz techniques. It all comes down to the honor, integrity and personality of who you are and your representation. So treat your online demeanor the same way you would if it was in person.

A great and popular way to get free exposure is through Social Content Sites; they offer priceless affiliates that can help you to bring traffic to your website. All the while, you are also learning about current issues, news, stories, ideas, companies and so much more.

All of these websites offer something different, so it depends on the type of business you are running that will determine which of them will benefit your cause. Choose wisely because the site you use will be associated with your business’s name and will give you lots of exposure to those who use the social website.

More info:

PRWeb Direct – This is a newswire website that offers maximum online distribution. The PRWeb Staff has expertise that you can take advantage of to help with submissions and optimization for your distributions. By being a member, you will have easier access to a simplified insertion process – the pros do most of the work for you.

Technorati This is used as a real-time search engine to find up-to-date information on a variety of global and local conversations throughout the Web. Use this to find out what people are saying about your company, your products, your politics, and other areas that may be of interest.

Reddit – Get the control you want over the editorial content on the site. People can add resources and vote on the content you submit – and you can do the same with others’ content. After awhile, Reddit learns what you like and dislike and will filter the content specifically for your tastes.

Digg – Another social website that allows the community to drive the content. News stories, blog entries and articles are submitted here, then readers vote on the content. The articles with the most votes rise, while others fall.

Del.icio.us – You can use this site as a social bookmarking or tagging station. You simply create an account and gather your favorite news stories, blogs, websites, etc to share with users. You can also take a look at what others have bookmarked. Network by connecting with communities on the site. You can also start your own community.

LiveJournal – Here you can choose whether or not you would like to share your information with certain people or keep it hidden – this includes your journals and favorite blogs. You can also network with the various communities on the site.

YouTube – This is a very popular site that allows members to upload videos and share them for free. Many businesses take advantage of this site to broadcast their promotions and commercials. You can see how many times the video has been seen and what watchers have rated it. Comments can also be posted beneath the videos.

PRBUZZ – If you need to get your press releases out there, you can do it with the services on this site. They are sent to online news sites and blogs to help optimize your press releases for search engines, creating buzz about your website or news.

Stumble Upon – Stumble upon other great websites with this site. You can get your business known by making your website discoverable for others to “stumble upon” and share with others. It works by clicking on the Stumble! button, which then delivers high-quality pages to other pages that match the page that was stumbled. People who have similar interests will be able to discover it as well.

Most of these websites act in similar ways – allowing you to upload content and videos for others to view. You can take advantage by posting content that is entertaining and newsworthy, so that others will read them. Try not to be too salesy or people won’t want to click on your “advertisements”; you don’t want to be poorly rated. Newsletters are a great way to get attention from potential customers for your business.

Use the newsletter to talk to the readers and get them interested in the solutions you have to offer for their problems. With the video features, upload the commercials you have on TV or if you can’t afford TV, create a home video advertising what you have to offer. This is a much cheaper way to get the word out there. Check out the sites for yourself.

And if you need some print marketing collateral, you can make it using Vistaprint.